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Posted by Gilles Chanteperdrix on April 18, 2012 - 11:12:
On 04/18/2012 11:09 AM, Anisha Kaul wrote:
On 18 April 2012 14:11, Gilles Chanteperdrix
<gilles.chanteperdrix@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Try: xeno-test -l "dohell -b 
/home/anisha/Desktop/RealTime/downloadedPages/hackbench 14400"

and that worked! I tried it with 2 seconds.

You will not obtain the worst case latencies by running the test for 2
seconds, you have to let xeno-test run at least a few hours.

I realize now that the problem is in the "parameters" which I specify
with hackbench:

xeno-test -l "dohell -b
/home/anisha/Desktop/RealTime/downloadedPages/hackbench -pipe 100
process 100 2"

The sub `dohell` command (with hackbench parameters) work well, but it
doesn't work when attached with `xeno-test`. I remove the hackbench's
parameters ("-pipe 100 process 100"), then it starts working.

Thanks for your help, but what should I do if I want those parameters?
Hardcoding them in the hackbench's code as a temporary solution? Or I
am still missing a point?

As of now, the simplest way is to hardcode them in the dohell script.


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