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Posted by Jens Seidel on February 21, 2008 - 14:08:
Hallo Patrick!

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 01:28:59PM +0100, Patrick Maier wrote:
For the DVD of the coming or of a subsequent edition we ask you to give us 
your approval to use your game Battle for Wesnoth. 

You don't need any explicit approval to add a copy of Battle for Wesnoth
to a DVD. It's a free one and the GPL license allows it.

Nevertheless it is a really good idea! It helps to make the game even
more popular and I'm sure many will enjoy it.
Alternatively a permission by e-mail would be fine, too. 

I hope this is the correct address for this request. If not, please 
forward this to the right one or email me. 

Is it.
A final question: did you use any material protected by copyright for your 
game (e.g. graphics or music from other games or films)? 

Sorry, but it is a stupid question! Any material is protected by
copyright, especially in Germany! (There is no way to give your own
Copyright away which is possible in the US and is used for public domain
stuff). See e.g.

What you probably want to know is whether it is legally OK for you to
distribute a copy of the game. It is. The GPL grants the following
rights (let me quote

* You can install the software on as many machines as you want. 
* Any number of people may use the software at one time. 
* You can make as many copies of the software as you want and give them to
  whomever you want (free or open redistribution). 
* There are no restrictions on modifying the software (except for keeping
  certain notices intact). 
* There is no restriction on distributing, or even selling, the software.
For details you should read the (really well known and widely accepted)
GPL license.

Herewith we approve the publication of the below mentioned program 
on the DVD of the coming edition 05/2008 or on a subsequent edition 
of the magazine GameStar. 

Name: Battle for Wesnoth

 21.02.2008 Jens Seidel 

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