Re: [Wesnoth-dev] Python API ready for test (December 20, 2005 - 08:54)

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Hi all,

I noticed a Boost library for python just entered Debian.  Since using
Boost components was already mentionned several times on this list, I
guess I'd just mention that one, maybe it could be useful.  The
package description says:

| The Boost Python Library is used to quickly and easily export a C++
| library to Python such that the Python interface is ver y similar to
| the C++ interface. It is designed to be minimally intrusive on your
| C++ design. In most cases, you should not have to alter your C++
| classes in any way in order to use them with Boost.Python.  The system
| should simply a "reflect" your C++ classes and functions into
| Python. The major features of Boost.Python include support for:
| Subclassing extension types in Python, Overriding virtual functions
| ina Python, Member function Overloading, Automatic wrapping of numeric
| operators among others.
| Homepage:

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