Re: [Wesnoth-dev] New developer on board (October 17, 2005 - 22:53)


On Monday, 17 October 2005 22:33, Nicolas Weeger wrote:
> Hello everyone.
Welcome Ryo :)

> I just decided to try my skills on coding for Wesnoth :)
> I saw the thread about Python AI, and decided that could be fun to do.

> Disclaimer: i'm not a Python developer (ok, i can read scripts, and
> write small ones, but i never coded for big stuff), but i consider
> myself a decent C++ one (feel free to smack down that opinion in due
> time). So if there are Python coders, i'd be interested in having their
> opinions on how to expose Wesnoth structures, events, ... to the scripts.
> I did help some for the Python plugin for another C game, Crossfire (
> ), for which I also develop. So I know
> some basics of Python/C (and C++ should be the same) interaction, and
> have a few tips on how to expose structures and such.
Last time I heard about this, Dave talked about Boost::Python [0], may be you 
can have a look at it.

> I'll go dig in archives for Python/AI-related discussion, and poke the
> source for a few days, then I'll try to start a discussion on that topic :)
There hasn't been too much discussion about that issue IIRC.

> My IRC nickname is Ryo_, forum and Gna is Ryo, I'm online in the
> evenings (GMT+2), and I use Windows.
Well, we won't take into account that fact :P, actually Dave, the main 
developer, also uses Windows.

Best regards

Isaac Clerencia at Warp Networks,
Work: <isaac@xxxxxxx>   | Debian: <isaac@xxxxxxxxxx>

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