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Posted by koraq on January 29, 2012 - 10:27:
Author: mordante
Date: Sun Jan 29 10:27:40 2012
New Revision: 52785

Fixed the translation of some tutorial messages.

The second part of the narrator messages were not translated, not sure
why. This patch is a work-around not a proper fix. Once 1.10 is in its
own branch a proper fix can be committed. That fix will change
translatable strings, and is the reason for a work-around in the trunk.

Fixes bug #19316.


Modified: trunk/changelog
--- trunk/changelog (original)
+++ trunk/changelog Sun Jan 29 10:27:40 2012
@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
    * Son of the Black Eye:
      * Removed Al'Brock and Flar'Tar death as defeat condition in objectives 
        Civil War
+   * Tutorial:
+     * Fixed bug #19316: Narrator messages are now translated.
    * Under the Burning Suns:
      * Made it so that Kaleh gets the default AMLA after he's been fully

Modified: trunk/data/campaigns/tutorial/scenarios/2_Tutorial.cfg
--- trunk/data/campaigns/tutorial/scenarios/2_Tutorial.cfg (original)
+++ trunk/data/campaigns/tutorial/scenarios/2_Tutorial.cfg Sun Jan 29 
10:27:40 2012
@@ -980,7 +980,8 @@
         {TALK_ABOUT Dumbo (_"Orcish Grunts have no ranged attacks, so use 
your archers against them.")}
         {PRINT (_"Attack the orc with an Archer")}
-        {NARRATOR ({CAPTION _"<big>Unit Summaries</big>"} + _"
+        {NARRATOR ("<span color='#bcb088'><b>" + _"<big>Unit 
Summaries</big>" + "</b></span>" + "<span size='5120'>
+ </span>" + _"
 To review the capabilities of any unit—including an enemy—hover the 
mouse over it, and you will see a unit summary on the right of the screen")}
@@ -1018,7 +1019,8 @@
                     {UNLABEL 14,3}
                     {LABEL (_"Fighter to HERE") 19,5}
                     {TALK_ABOUT_LOC 19,5 (_"Your other units cannot reach 
the orc this turn. Send a Fighter to the village in the far east of the map. 
It will take two turns to reach it.")}
-                    {NARRATOR ({CAPTION _"<big>Long-distance 
Movement</big>"} + _"
+                    {NARRATOR ("<span color='#bcb088'><b>" + 
_"<big>Long-distance Movement</big>" + "</b></span>" + "<span size='5120'>
+ </span>"  + _"
 You can order a unit to move for multiple turns by selecting the unit and 
clicking on the destination. A number will indicate how many turns it will 
take to get there.")}
                     {PRINT (_"Tell a Fighter to move to the far east 
@@ -1224,7 +1226,8 @@
         {TALK_ABOUT_LOC 11,14 (_"Careful! It is now nighttime. Orcs are 
<i>chaotic</i>, which means their attacks are now 25% stronger. By day, their 
attacks are 25% weaker, which is a noticeable difference. You are 
<i>lawful</i>: stronger by day and weaker at night. Your elvish warriors are 
<i>neutral</i>: unaffected by the time of day.")}
-        {NARRATOR ({CAPTION _"<big>Time of Day</big>"} + _"
+        {NARRATOR ("<span color='#bcb088'><b>" + _"<big>Time of Day</big>" + 
"</b></span>" + "<span size='5120'>
+ </span>"  + _"
 After this dialog, hold the mouse over the landscape image below the minimap 
on the right. This brings up a description of the time of day, showing who 
has the advantage.")}
@@ -1246,19 +1249,22 @@
         name=turn 9
         {UNLABEL 19,14}
-        {NARRATOR ({CAPTION _"<big>Tracking Unused Units</big>"} + _"
+        {NARRATOR ("<span color='#bcb088'><b>" + _"<big>Tracking Unused 
Units</big>" + "</b></span>" + "<span size='5120'>
+ </span>"  + _"
 You can ensure you use all your troops by pressing <b>n</b> to step from one 
unit to the next. If you press <b>space</b>, you can mark the currently 
selected unit as having finished its turn, which stops you moving it by 
accident later on. When <b>n</b> no longer selects a new unit, it’s safe to 
end your turn.")}
         name=turn 10
-        {NARRATOR ({CAPTION _"<big>Victory Conditions</big>"} + _"
+        {NARRATOR ("<span color='#bcb088'><b>" + _"<big>Victory 
Conditions</big>" + "</b></span>" + "<span size='5120'>
+ </span>"  + _"
 In this scenario, you only need to defeat the orc leader to win. (Victory 
conditions for a scenario are given under <b>Scenario Objectives</b> in the 
<b>Main Menu</b>).")}
         name=turn 12
-        {NARRATOR ({CAPTION _"<big>Recruit the Right Unit Types</big>"} + _"
+        {NARRATOR ("<span color='#bcb088'><b>" + _"<big>Recruit the Right 
Unit Types</big>" + "</b></span>" + "<span size='5120'>
+ </span>"  + _"
 Remember to recruit troops useful for the situation. Archers are 
particularly effective against Grunts, Wolf Riders and the orcish leader.")}
@@ -1454,7 +1460,8 @@
                         {TEACHER (_"Losing a healer hurts all the troops! 
Keep them out of the enemy’s reach!")}
-                        {NARRATOR ({CAPTION _"<big>Tracking Enemy 
Movement</big>"} + _"
+                        {NARRATOR ("<span color='#bcb088'><b>" + 
_"<big>Tracking Enemy Movement</big>" + "</b></span>" + "<span size='5120'>
+ </span>"  + _"
 You can see where an enemy can reach by moving the mouse over them. You can 
see all possible enemy moves at once with the <b>Show Enemy Moves</b> command 
from the <b>Actions</b> menu.")}

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