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Posted by Majora700 on July 29, 2010 - 23:08:
Author: espreon
Date: Thu Jul 29 23:08:03 2010
New Revision: 44872

Added the info file for the new Quenoth elves.

(with props)

Added: trunk/data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/docs/new-quenoth-elves
--- trunk/data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/docs/new-quenoth-elves (added)
+++ trunk/data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/docs/new-quenoth-elves Thu 
Jul 29 23:08:03 2010
@@ -1,0 +1,53 @@
+The new Quenoth Elves:
+Unit tree:
+Names marked with "(p)" are probably going to be replaced.
+Scouts: Sand Dancer -> Sand Sneaker (p) -> ?
+                     \
+                      -> Sand Stalker -> Sand Assassin
+                     -> Moon Singer -> Moon Shyde
+                    /
+Healers: Mystic -> - Sibyl (p) -> Prophetess (p)
+                    \
+                     -> Sun Singer -> Sun Sylph
+Ranged fighters: Hunter -> Sentinel -> Prowler
+Melee fighters: Fighter -> Twinfighter (p) -> Twinmaster (p)
+                         \
+                          -> Shield Fighter (p) -> ?
+Character Descriptions:
+Sand Dancer line (scouts):
+The Sand Dancer line is the scout line of the Quenoth elves.
+Mystic line (healers):
+The Mystic line has abandoned the use of vines, thorns, and faerie fire a 
long time ago. Some time ago,
+they learned how to manipulate their aura, even using it to attack their 
opponents. There are three
+paths that a Mystic can take: mainly focus on her aura-manipulation powers 
and perfect her healing
+(which are associated with the order known as the Children of the Star), 
unlock the powers of her primordial ancestors (the faeries)
+(this is associated with the order known as the Children of the Sun), or 
gain similar powers to her ancestors, except having
+cold-based powers and being chaotic (this is associated with the order known 
as the Children of the Moon).
+Finally, each Mystic carries a blowgun that shoots poisonous darts.
+<insert physical description here>
+Moon Shyde:
+The Moon Shyde is the final form of the <insert name here>. Like its 
previous form, she can wield
+cold aura for melee attacks and <insert name of ultimate ranged attack 
here>, and instead of a blowgun,
+she uses the highly abrasive poisonous powder from her wings to deal pierce 
damage and to poison her victims.
+Finally, she is capable of regenerating at night.
+<insert bulk of physical description here>...
+Unlike the Sun Sylph, the Moon Shyde has developed moth wings (that resemble 
the wings seen on this moth:
 that glisten beautifully at
+night. Like the wings of a real moth, the Moon Shyde's wings are coated with 
poisonous powder.

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