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Posted by Majora700 on December 30, 2009 - 23:22:
Author: espreon
Date: Wed Dec 30 23:22:57 2009
New Revision: 40473

Added an events list file for scenario four.

    trunk/data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/docs/scenario_04   (with 

Added: trunk/data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/docs/scenario_04
--- trunk/data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/docs/scenario_04 (added)
+++ trunk/data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/docs/scenario_04 Wed Dec 30 
23:22:57 2009
@@ -1,0 +1,21 @@
+<Kaleh and friends talk about the orcs, goblins, and the mountains; dialogue>
+<Upon entering the hills, our heroes will be ambushed by goblins; dialogue>
+<Upon going near the river, some goblins, orcs, and nagas ambush our heroes; 
+<Upon slaying Panok, the Goblin Knight leader, our heroes get a silver ring 
that increases the wearer's speed by one; if the nagas didn't ambush our 
heroes yet, they shall come out of hiding; dialogue>
+<After finding a greedy goblin's hideout deep within the water tunnels of 
the eastern part of the cave, our heroes kill him and steal his stash; 
+<Upon entering a pool of water beyond a narrow tunnel in the western part of 
the cave, our heroes find a skeleton and his magical dagger; the dagger 
grants the wielder with cold melee;
+the Dawarf then appears, asking the taker of the dagger to kill it; dialogue>
+<Upon reaching the end of the river, the unit says that something influenced 
him to go there and that going there could not bring anything good; the 
message is referencing the player>
+<When Kaleh enters the caves, the Cloaked Figure comes out and tries to kill 
him... no matter where Kaleh goes, the figure is there... even if Kaleh is 
trying to get away...>
+<Upon defeating the Cloaked Figure, he disappears and says that he and Kaleh 
shall meet again>
+<Upon reaching the end of the caves... victory; dialogue>

Propchange: trunk/data/campaigns/Under_the_Burning_Suns/docs/scenario_04
    svn:eol-style = native

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