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Posted by esr on March 30, 2009 - 11:14:
Author: esr
Date: Mon Mar 30 11:14:06 2009
New Revision: 34282

Improved documentation.


Modified: trunk/data/tools/README
--- trunk/data/tools/README (original)
+++ trunk/data/tools/README Mon Mar 30 11:14:06 2009
@@ -19,10 +19,23 @@
 Command-line client for uploading WML content to and downloading from
 the add-on server.
+=== wmlflip ===
+Experimental tool that can hack a .cfg referring to a mapfile so that
+all macros with X,Y coordinate pair arguments get their calls transformed
+in a specified way.  Now supports only flipping the map around the Y 
+axis, but provides a framework that should make other transformations
 === wmllint ===
 This tool lifts WML from older dialects to current and performs sanity 
 See the header comment of wmllint for a description and invocation options.
+=== wmllint_gui ===
+A simple GUI interface for wmllint, to aid WML developers frightened of
+the command line.
 === wmlscope ===
@@ -52,6 +65,12 @@
 Extract and format a list of keystroke bindings from a theme file.
 Presently this generates a table suitable for wiki inclusion.
+=== terrain2wiki.rb ===
+A script to create the "Terrain Table" on the TerrainLettersWML wiki page.
+Run this and splice the outtput into the wiki whenever you add a new 
+terrain type to mainline.
 == Python API ==

Modified: trunk/data/tools/terrain2wiki.rb
--- trunk/data/tools/terrain2wiki.rb (original)
+++ trunk/data/tools/terrain2wiki.rb Mon Mar 30 11:14:06 2009
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
 # A script to create the "Terrain Table" on the TerrainLettersWML wiki page.
+# Run this and splice the outtput into the wiki whenever you add a new 
+# terrain type to mainline.
 #create an array of hashes, each hash representing a [terrain] tag
@@ -47,8 +49,7 @@
 def create_table_line(string,name,stats_from)
        return "<tr>
-<td>#{old_letter}</td>" if nil}
@@ -75,8 +76,7 @@
 return "
 <table border=\"1\"><tr>
-<th>Old letter</th>" if nil}
 <th>Stats from</th>
@@ -95,7 +95,6 @@
 while !$terrain_file
        print "Path of terrain.cfg: "

Modified: trunk/data/tools/wmlflip
--- trunk/data/tools/wmlflip (original)
+++ trunk/data/tools/wmlflip Mon Mar 30 11:14:06 2009
@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@
 mirror-reversed a map and need to change coordinate-using macros.
 Takes a cross-reference of all known macros and looks for formals that
 are either X, Y, *_X, or _Y, so it's guaranteed to catch everything.
+Note: will not transform coorinates given as bare attribute values in, say,
+UnitWML. This should be fixed.
     -m        Argument of this switch should name the map file.
@@ -189,7 +192,9 @@
         (have_x, have_y) = relevant[name]
         pairs.append((arglocs[have_x], arglocs[have_y]))
-    # Transform these back to fronrt so laterchanges won't screw up earlier 
+    # FIXME: extract spans associated with x,y  attributes, too.
+    # Transform these back to front so later changes won't screw up earlier 
     # Return the file content as a string and the transformable extents in 

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