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Posted by shadowm2006 on March 09, 2009 - 13:09:
Author: shadowmaster
Date: Mon Mar  9 13:09:45 2009
New Revision: 33482

Mention Rain's "Suspense" track in the announcement. I forgot to ever mention 
it in the changelogs.


Modified: website/start/1.6/template.html
--- website/start/1.6/template.html (original)
+++ website/start/1.6/template.html Mon Mar  9 13:09:45 2009
@@ -101,9 +101,9 @@
 and 70% defense to most water-based units such as mermen and naga.</p>
 <p>Our composers have added three new original background tracks:
-<em>Heroes' Rite</em>, <em>The Dangerous Symphony</em>, and <em>The
-Deep Path</em>. Also, the game now plays special music clips for
-victory and defeat events.</p>
+<em>Heroes' Rite</em>, <em>The Dangerous Symphony</em>, <em>Suspense</em>
+and <em>The Deep Path</em>. Also, the game now plays special music clips
+for victory and defeat events.</p>
 <p>The game interface has continued to evolve, especially in making
 more dramatic use of portaits.  Unit recall dialogs now display useful

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