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Posted by crazy-ivanovic on March 01, 2009 - 22:40:
Author: ivanovic
Date: Sun Mar  1 22:40:58 2009
New Revision: 33272

remove the old 1.5.11 cruft and leave in only what is needed for 1.5.12...


Modified: trunk/RELEASE_NOTES
--- trunk/RELEASE_NOTES (original)
+++ trunk/RELEASE_NOTES Sun Mar  1 22:40:58 2009
@@ -12,32 +12,6 @@
-There are quite some changes on the GUI front and things should start to
-stabilise now. If you see bugs which should be fixed before 1.6 please report
-them in the bug tracker.
-* titlescreen/landscapebattlefield.jpg -> story/landscape-battlefield.jpg
-* titlescreen/landscapebridge.jpg -> story/landscape-bridge.jpg
-* titlescreen/landscapecastle.jpg -> story/landscape-castle.jpg
-This release contains an important security update, fixing a
-vulnerability that could allow third-party content (such as campaigns
-downloaded from the add-on server) to execute arbitrary code with user
-account privileges.  See bug #31048 for details.  All content
-currently on the official add-on server has been inspected to confirm
-that none of it exploits this vulnerability, and the add-on server
-itself has been patched to ensure that exploits can no longer be
-uploaded.  Therefore, users of previous versions of Battle for Wesnoth
-who have received user-made content through the official add-on server
-and no other distribution channel need not fear that their system has
-been compromised.
-CVE-2009-0367 has been assigned to this vulnerability and may provide
-further information.
 This release is the first 1.6 release candidate, it means that no further 
 compatibility-breaking changes are expected. We invite all content providers,
 wesnoth related external sites and anybody concerned to test compatibility 
@@ -45,5 +19,9 @@
 Now is the time to report all the bugs that are obvious to you but that we 
 never heard of.
 The message dialog got overhauled with some new images, these are 
 They will be polished before 1.6.

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