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Posted by jeremy . rosen on March 01, 2009 - 22:04:
Author: boucman
Date: Sun Mar  1 22:04:58 2009
New Revision: 33270

add a 'test this release' note


Modified: trunk/RELEASE_NOTES
--- trunk/RELEASE_NOTES (original)
+++ trunk/RELEASE_NOTES Sun Mar  1 22:04:58 2009
@@ -16,5 +16,34 @@
 stabilise now. If you see bugs which should be fixed before 1.6 please report
 them in the bug tracker.
+* titlescreen/landscapebattlefield.jpg -> story/landscape-battlefield.jpg
+* titlescreen/landscapebridge.jpg -> story/landscape-bridge.jpg
+* titlescreen/landscapecastle.jpg -> story/landscape-castle.jpg
+This release contains an important security update, fixing a
+vulnerability that could allow third-party content (such as campaigns
+downloaded from the add-on server) to execute arbitrary code with user
+account privileges.  See bug #31048 for details.  All content
+currently on the official add-on server has been inspected to confirm
+that none of it exploits this vulnerability, and the add-on server
+itself has been patched to ensure that exploits can no longer be
+uploaded.  Therefore, users of previous versions of Battle for Wesnoth
+who have received user-made content through the official add-on server
+and no other distribution channel need not fear that their system has
+been compromised.
+CVE-2009-0367 has been assigned to this vulnerability and may provide
+further information.
+This release is the first 1.6 release candidate, it means that no further 
+compatibility-breaking changes are expected. We invite all content providers,
+wesnoth related external sites and anybody concerned to test compatibility 
+with this release. We also encourage players to try this release heavily.
+Now is the time to report all the bugs that are obvious to you but that we 
+never heard of.
 The message dialog got overhauled with some new images, these are 
 They will be polished before 1.6.

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