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Posted by crazy-ivanovic on August 22, 2008 - 21:50:
Author: ivanovic
Date: Fri Aug 22 21:45:40 2008
New Revision: 28855

release announcement for 1.5.3 posted, clearing the file


Modified: trunk/RELEASE_NOTES
--- trunk/RELEASE_NOTES (original)
+++ trunk/RELEASE_NOTES Fri Aug 22 21:45:40 2008
@@ -12,42 +12,3 @@
-Terrain graphic rules for user-made add-ons are now loaded before
-the core ones, making custom tiles look the same in-game as they did
-in the editor in the previous release (1.5.2).
-Editor2 is the new map editor developed by Ilor as the GSoC project. Editor2 
-a replacement of wesnoth_editor, the old_editor. Unlike the old editor, 
-is compiled in the game executable. The old editor remains in its own
-executable, both can safely coexist.
-To build the game with the new editor, use scons with editor2=yes or an
-equivalent option in the other build systems (--with-editor2). This option is
-enab;ed by default. Remember that you need to build the game, not the editor
-target -- wesnoth_editor is the largely unmodified old editor. If building
-manually, you must define the USE_EDITOR symbol and add the editor2 sources 
-the build. The USE_EDITOR2 symbol does not affect building of the old editor.
-To start the new editor, launch wesnoth.exe and choose "Editor" in the title
-menu, or use the -e or --editor command line option, i.e. "wesnoth -e". If 
-fails and there is no "Editor" button, it means the game was compiled without
-editor2 support.
-We found a memory leak in the new widget code and the leak seems to be in a
-library. We're looking into it. This leak causes Wesnoth to use quite some
-memory after opening a few new dialogs. New dialogs are enabled with the
---new-widgets start switch, but are also used in the new editor (even without
-the --new-widgets) switch. The only solution at the moment is to restart
-Son of the Black-Eye has received a lot of bug-fixes, map changes and general
-polish. As a result of the bigger changes the balance is probably a bit off:
-later scenarios are likely to be easier than before. Playtesting and 
-suggestions would be very welcome (the campaign is intended to remain a
-challenging one).

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