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Posted by paniemin on August 20, 2008 - 09:20:
Author: suokko
Date: Wed Aug 20 09:20:06 2008
New Revision: 28784

Improved test website install script. (still missing prompt for database 
connection information)


Modified: branches/resources/
--- branches/resources/ (original)
+++ branches/resources/ Wed Aug 20 09:20:06 
@@ -28,14 +28,9 @@
 #copy configure from template
 cp include/configuration.php.template include/configuration.php
 cp include/settup.php.template include/settup.php
-# Make files read only
-chmod a-w include/configuration.php include/settup.php
-chmod o-rx include/configuration.php include/settup.php
 #Make svn checkout
 svn co svn:// trunk
-#Use this instead of previous line if you want to copy existing svn tree
-#cp -R /path/to/svntree trunk
 #Configure scons build enviroment
 cd trunk
@@ -46,18 +41,19 @@
 crontab -l > crontab
 echo " 16 *   *   *   *    $CURRENT_PATH/autotester/" >> 
 crontab - < crontab
-rm crontab
+mv apache/test_website.conf apache/test_website.conf.orig
+sed -e "s/\\(Alias [^ ]* \"\\).*\\(\"\\)/\\1${CURRENT_PATH}\\/htdocs\\/\\2/" 
-e "s/\\(^.*Directory \"\\).*\\(\".*$\\)/\\1${CURRENT_PATH}\\/htdocs\\/\\2/" 
apache/test_website.conf.orig > apache/test_website.conf
 echo ""
 echo "******* NOTES *****"
 echo "You have to still do a few things before test are working"
 echo " 1. Add database connection information"
 echo "Edit include/settup.php file so that all relevant info to connect"
-echo "to mysql server is present there. Remember to make it write-protected."
+echo "to mysql server is present there"
 echo " 2. Configure website functionality"
-echo "Edit include/configuration.php way that you want website function."
-echo "Remember to make it write-protected."
+echo "Edit include/configuration.php way that you want website function"
 echo " 3. Configure apache"
-echo "edit paths in apache/test_website.conf and copy it to 
+echo "copy apache/test_website.conf to /etc/apache2/conf.d/"
 echo " 4. run unit tests to settup database"
 echo "autotester/"

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