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Posted by kailoran on August 15, 2008 - 18:14:
Author: ilor
Date: Fri Aug 15 17:23:09 2008
New Revision: 28602

update players_changelog and RELEASE_NOTES with editor2 info


Modified: trunk/RELEASE_NOTES
--- trunk/RELEASE_NOTES (original)
+++ trunk/RELEASE_NOTES Fri Aug 15 17:23:09 2008
@@ -14,3 +14,21 @@
 Terrain graphic rules for user-made add-ons are now loaded before
 the core ones, making custom tiles look the same in-game as they did
 in the editor in the previous release (1.5.2).
+Editor2 is the new map editor developed by Ilor as the GSoC project. Editor2 
+a replacement of wesnoth_editor, the old_editor. Unlike the old editor, 
+is compiled in the game executable. The old editor remains in its own 
+executable, both can safely coexist.
+To build the game with the new editor, use scons with editor2=yes or an 
+equivalent option in the other build systems (--with-editor2). Remember that 
+you need to build the game, not the editor target -- wesnoth_editor is the 
+largely unmodified old editor. If building manually, you must define the 
+USE_EDITOR symbol and add the editor2 sources to the build. The USE_EDITOR2 
+symbol does not affect building of the old editor.
+To start the new editor, launch wesnoth.exe and choose "Editor" in the title
+menu, or use the -e or --editor command line option, i.e. "wesnoth -e". If 
+fails and there is no "Editor" button, it means the game was compiled without
+editor2 support. 

Modified: trunk/players_changelog
--- trunk/players_changelog (original)
+++ trunk/players_changelog Fri Aug 15 17:23:09 2008
@@ -3,6 +3,17 @@
 Version 1.5.2+svn:
+ * Editor2
+   * Editor2 is a replacement for the old editor. It is launched from
+     within the game: "Editor" button in the title screen or command
+     line "-e" or "--editor" option. The interface is largely unchanged.
+   * The game must be compiled with editor2 support for this to work. See
+     RELEASE_NOTES for details.
+   * See for details known issues 
+   * You can continue to use the old editor by launching wesnoth_editor
+     like you did so far. New features, however, are much more likely to
+     appear in editor2.
  * Language and translations
    * updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Finnish, Galician,
      German, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Slovak.

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