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Posted by shadowm2006 on March 13, 2008 - 19:48:
Author: shadowmaster
Date: Thu Mar 13 19:48:11 2008
New Revision: 24620

* New fortune


Modified: trunk/misc/fortunes/wesnoth
--- trunk/misc/fortunes/wesnoth (original)
+++ trunk/misc/fortunes/wesnoth Thu Mar 13 19:48:11 2008
@@ -1,3 +1,26 @@
+19:35 <Ivanovic> Sirp_: short version: esr has done a whole massacre to WML
+19:35 <Ivanovic> ;)
+19:35  * esr notes that Ivanovic egged him on.
+19:35 <Shadow_Master> *sniff* Long live the MWL!
+19:35 <Ivanovic> esr: you know, i am some kind of psychopath...
+19:35 <Sirp_> Ivanovic: ahhh that is okay
+19:36 <Ivanovic> esr: every now and then a real massacre is needed...
+19:36 <esr> Yes, it's true.
+19:36 <Sirp_> esr: and those changes sound good. :)
+19:36  * Mordante grinds his axe and looks at ThemeWML ;)
+19:37 <Ivanovic> Mordante: oh, such a lovely axe and such a lovely themeWM
+19:37 <Ivanovic> that axe won't do...
+19:37 <Mordante> it will, as long as it's big and sharp enough ;)
+19:37  * Ivanovic hands Mordante the great sledgehammer of WML destruction
+19:38  * esr is confused, he thought *he* had the great sledgehammer of WML 
+19:39 <Ivanovic> esr: no, yours is just the small kids version
+19:39  * Mordante lifts the hammer and smiles
+19:40  * esr suddenly recognizes the hammer -- it was in THoT!
+19:40 <Ivanovic> esr: yeah, that is your tiny one
+19:40 <Ivanovic> the *real* one is the god of all hammers
+19:40 <Ivanovic> that was not shown anywhere so far, a hidden secret
+  -- #wesnoth-dev, 2008-03-13
 <zookeeper> interesting bug
 <Shadow_Master> zookeeper: I suppose it's a legacy bug; Wesnoth didn't 
support female "variations" of units from the beginning IIRC
 <Shadow_Master> so this piece of code was not updated when females were 

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