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Posted by shadowm2006 on March 05, 2008 - 19:02:
Author: shadowmaster
Date: Wed Mar  5 19:01:56 2008
New Revision: 24334

Update to reflect trunk


Modified: branches/1.4/misc/fortunes/wesnoth
--- branches/1.4/misc/fortunes/wesnoth (original)
+++ branches/1.4/misc/fortunes/wesnoth Wed Mar  5 19:01:56 2008
@@ -1,3 +1,40 @@
+<zookeeper> interesting bug
+<Shadow_Master> zookeeper: I suppose it's a legacy bug; Wesnoth didn't 
support female "variations" of units from the beginning IIRC
+<Shadow_Master> so this piece of code was not updated when females were 
+  -- #wesnoth-dev, 2008-03-03
+> ***do*_**s**r__ [n=*******@] has quit ["IIRWIIR, IIRWIIR! 
+  -- #wesnoth-dev, whenever this unknown user quits.
+02:06 <Sapient> I found it funny when I was debugging UtBS and noticed Nym 
was gender::MALE
+02:07 <Sapient> I wonder if Kaleh ever knew...
+  -- #wesnoth-dev, 2007-12-06
+<Shadow_Master> wesbot: last seen Rhuvaen
+<Shadow_Master> Rhonda: request for wesbot: it should answer to that syntax 
+<Rhonda> Shadow_Master: I will patch wesbot to allow your last seen syntax 
if you find me some polish person to translate the messages into english. :P
+<Shadow_Master> Rhonda: ask Ivanovic or Torangan, I don't now, really :) 
they could contact the polish translators
+<Rhonda> Shadow_Master: try again
+<Rhonda> your last seen thing   :P
+<Shadow_Master> wesbot: last seen Shadow_Master_
+ * wesbot bonks Shadow_Master over the head, try to remember, it's only 
"seen" without last...
+<Shadow_Master>        ouch
+ * Rhonda giggles.
+<Shadow_Master>        Rhonda: thanks anyway
+<Shadow_Master>        Noyga: fixing my patch
+<Shadow_Master>        on the svn server, so if it crashes you know who to 
+* wesbot points at Shadow_Master
+<Shadow_Master>        wesbot: what the hell?
+<Shadow_Master>        wesbot: why do you point at me?
+<wesbot>       Shadow_Master: You're to blame.  :P
+<Shadow_Master>        Rhonda!!!
+ * Rhonda hides.
+  -- #wesnoth-dev, 2007-10-03
 <yann> I've launched a build of familiar in the One True OpenEmbedded way - 
then I'll be able to provide a build of wesnoth in that way as well
 <yann> but building the world does take time :)
 <misc> yann: 7 days according to the school book
@@ -5,6 +42,20 @@
 <yann> otoh, the tools have evolved at the same time, so that should 
counter-balance things a bit :)
 <misc> yann: what patch ? you mean the move of the 2 first process out of 
the low memory, after a forbidden access to the apple bios ?
                                #wesnoth-devel, 2005-01-16
+ * Shadow_Master attacks vonhalenbach. Critical hit! vonhalenbach dies. 
Shadow_Master gets 10 XP. 60/58 XP reached! Leveling up option: Shadow Master 
L6, Shadow Lawyer. Chose: Shadow Lawyer! Shadow_Master turns into a Shadow 
+<vonhalenbach> You are a Lawyer?
+<Shadow_Master>        actually, no :P
+<esr>  AAARRGGHH!  Run for your lives!
+<vonhalenbach> good.
+<Shadow_Master>        esr: :)
+<esr>  I'm married to a lawyer.
+<Shadow_Master>        is it good?
+<esr>  Except for her brutal work schedule, yes.
+<Shadow_Master>        ah
+<Shadow_Master>        I thought she'd talk about laws all time you'd be 
with her
+<esr>  Er, no.  I have ways to distract her ;-)
+<Shadow_Master>        ah :)
 Q: What unites Wesnoth developers?
 A: 3 hours sleep per night

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