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Posted by kettering . richard on March 04, 2008 - 23:47:
Author: jetryl
Date: Tue Mar  4 23:47:15 2008
New Revision: 24311

Added an entry.


Modified: trunk/misc/fortunes/wesnoth
--- trunk/misc/fortunes/wesnoth (original)
+++ trunk/misc/fortunes/wesnoth Tue Mar  4 23:47:15 2008
@@ -40,8 +40,5 @@
 <Insert Long Post Describing Problem>
 I imagine this will be fixed before too long. I certainly hope so. I am 
already going through withdrawl. /me goes to draw hexes on my kitchen floor, 
and pretend pieces of lint are orcs. --Glowing Fish
-<Jetryl> I read here that "Abu Akbar was said to have married several 
thousand wives for political and diplomatic purposes."
-<*> What does that have to do with wesnoth?
-<Jetryl> Absolutely nothing.  Although I suppose it shows that Asheviere has 
a hard act to follow.
-<*> er...
+A number of people have noted a striking similarity in the appearance of the 
dark adepts and the new sprites for the ghosts.  Though this is partly due to 
an intent towards having a consistent visual appearance for the undead 
faction, it's also because of an desire to have a reliable repository for 
disobedient adepts.

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