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Posted by benoit . timbert on March 02, 2008 - 23:22:
Author: noyga
Date: Sun Mar  2 23:22:51 2008
New Revision: 24236

- Fix some typos
- Fix the map section


Modified: website/start/1.4/template.html
--- website/start/1.4/template.html (original)
+++ website/start/1.4/template.html Sun Mar  2 23:22:51 2008
@@ -110,18 +110,17 @@
 <dt>The multiplayer collection has been revised and extended</dt> 
 <dd><p>New maps and multiplayer campaigns: <cite>
-Dark Forecast
+Dark Forecast, 
 Mokena Prairie, 
 The Manzivan Traps, 
-Xanthe Chaos,
-</cite>.  Revised maps:
+Xanthe Chaos</cite>. 
+<p>Revised maps:
 <cite>Alirok Marsh</cite> (formerly <cite>Triple Blitz</cite>),<cite>
 Amohsad Caldera, 
 Blue Water Province, 
 Castle Hopping Isle, 
-Caves of the Basilisk</cite> (formerly <cite>Blitz</cite>), <cite>
+Caves of the Basilisk 
 Crusaders Fields, 
 Cynsaun Battlefield, 
 Den of Onis, 
@@ -139,9 +138,10 @@
 Paths of Daggers, 
 Sablestone Delta,
 Siege Castles,  
+Silverhead Crossing,
 Sulla's Ruins, 
 Waterloo Sunset,
+Weldyn Channel</cite> (formerly <cite>Blitz</cite>), <cite>
 <dt>Changed and rebalanced units</dt> 
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@
 <dd><p>Many more units have full combat animation.  Many unit also
 have idle animations which fire periodically when they are not doing
 anything specific.  Some units and items also have standing animations
-that a cconstantly active; bats flap their wings and campfires
+that a constantly active; bats flap their wings and campfires
 flicker.  Units can now have special death animations — some Drakes
 burst into flame when killed. There are improved base frames for many
 units, including Mages and Ghosts, and more varied uses of halo
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@
 <h3 id='campdev'>For Campaign Developers</h3>
-<dt>The map editor is much more capable.</dt> 
+<dt>The map editor is much more capable</dt> 
 <dd><p>Maps can now be opened directly from a scenario file and saved
 back to it.  Starting positions no longer need to be on keeps.  The
 terrain palette is divided into groups of like terrains, so you'll

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