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Posted by François Beaubert on March 30, 2009 - 21:45:
Hi all,

To me Veusz in one of the most user friendly software for post-processing and plotting my data with a lot of really great features. Thank you very much for this !!!

Jeremy I konw that when you start developing Veuz you think it like a frontendend to Matplotlib. I also use Matplotlib a lot with Scipy to script my data processing and it's also very powerful. But the GUI part is so not so user friendly here ...

Do you think it could be possible to merge both approaches with Veusz ? I'm thinking of the Veusz gui interface with it's user friendliness and a console just under the plot area with ipython running to perform some complex operation ... Can Veusz interact with a maplotlib/scipy python script ?

Is it pure utopia or could this kind of feature be possible in the future ?
I think that a lot of Matplotlib users are waiting for a soft with those kind of possibilities, it could be awesome !

Anyway thank you very much for Veusz !


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