Re: [gna-help] Project licensing issues, registering etc. (May 28, 2004 - 10:52)


Priit Salumaa wrote:


1) Is the BSD licence ok for registering a project at Gna?

Yes, because it is compatible with the GPL (

2) If I want to change the licence later, is it possible and is there any verification at Gna! side?

We are checking your code licensing on submission, then we trust that you will warn us in case of a licence change (at least to update the 'licence' field display of your project). As long as your license is compatible with the GPL, you'll be able to stay at Gna!.

3) Is there anybody who could comment/advise me on the following topics:

I want to have a basically BSD licence which would additionaly cover next conditions:
- no money should be asked for our work/project (exept maybe distribution costs).
- If somebody uses a project as a platform, it must be mentioned.
- The EU Software Patent Legislation - the design principles/algorithms/code should not be tried to be patented. (Or how threatening this legislation really is for open source developers or later for users?)

It looks like you are requiring the GPL, which is the most efficient to protect some of the freedoms you are mentioning. If for some reason you are not confident with the GPL, you can try the LGPL : it is 'weaker' as it authorize combinations with proprietary software (via dynamic linking), but it prevents the 'proprietarization effect' of the BSD licence. See .


1) If I want to host project in some other place later - are there any restrictions to move my project away from Gna?

We have an export/import feature (currently hand-run by admins), it means you can retrieve all your data at any time : bugs/tracker DB, ML settings and archives, CVS repositories, files, etc. We are currently using this feature to move projects across Savane-compatible hosting places. Some effort is ongoing to improve interoperavility with GForge (

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