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Posted by Sylvain Beucler on November 17, 2006 - 01:14:
On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 03:20:40PM +0100, Mathieu Roy wrote:
Le Mercredi 15 Novembre 2006 21:56, Sylvain Beucler a écrit :

More than once I and Mathieu have disagreed on what to implement in
Savane and how to do so. This usually led to discussions that did not
reach a consensus and took lots of time.

I would like to avoid feeling completely constrained by the thought of
such discussions and refusals whenever I think about improving Savane,
hence I'd like to start a branch where ideas will be implemented and
tried so as to be later discussed on solid ground, and rules reduced
to minimum.

I think it would be appropriate to place it in the Savane repository,
given that we still share a lot in common about free software
philosophy and web design, although I wouldn't mind storing code
somewhere else if need be.

Is it ok?


I'm taking a break off Savane then.

I did read your answer and wrote some lengthy answer, but people just
end up throwing nastities at each other in such cases, so here's a
short answer instead.

Main points are that I think you sound too much unflexible (you know,
"must", "no go", etc. - flawed English heh?) even if maybe you're not;
that our relationship wrt justifications is not symetrical (I have to
justify to you what I do, but not the other way around); and I am
pretty disappointed to have learnt about you working full-time on
Savane only the day you started.

Oh yeah, and I do hate using corporate-style policies when there's 1.5
people working on the project but that's only a tiny part of the

See you in a bit.

PS: I consider that threatening me with commit privs removal a couple
days ago was due to anger, but don't do that ever again.

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