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Posted by Edward d'Auvergne on September 05, 2012 - 15:43:

What about saying something like the following:

To complete the consistency testing analysis, the following steps are needed:

\item Take the x.y and y.z files from two relax analyses.
\item Convert this into a 2D plot.
\item etc.

I.e. just spell out the basic and obvious steps to the user in the
most mind-numbingly little detail.



On 5 September 2012 15:33,  <sebastien.morin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Author: semor
Date: Wed Sep  5 15:33:12 2012
New Revision: 17460

Added some text to describe the consistency testing example figure.

This follows a discussion started by Edward d'Auvergne at:


Modified: trunk/docs/latex/consistency_tests.tex
--- trunk/docs/latex/consistency_tests.tex (original)
+++ trunk/docs/latex/consistency_tests.tex Wed Sep  5 15:33:12 2012
@@ -259,3 +259,11 @@

 However, simply visualizing the calculated $J(0)$, $F_\eta$, and $F_{R_2}$ 
values this way does not allow proper consistency testing. Indeed, for 
assessing the consistency of relaxation data using these tests, different 
methods exist to compare values calculated from one field to another.  
These include correlation plots and histograms, and calculation of 
correlation, skewness and kurtosis coefficients.

+An example of such an analysis is shown in Figure \ref{fig: consistency 
analysis} below
+\label{fig: consistency analysis}
+\caption[Example of consistency testing visual analysis]{Example of 
consistency testing visual analysis. Relaxation data from three different 
magnetic fields are compared. For each pair of magnetic field, a 
correlation plot of the calculated $J(0)$ values (top) as well as an 
histogram of the ration of calculated $J(0)$ values (bottom) are shown.}

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