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Posted by Edward d'Auvergne on March 21, 2012 - 16:59:
Please ignore this mail, it is only for reference in the mailing list
archives.  Anyway, here is my message asking Softpedia to update the
relax screenshots to match the new relax 1.3.14 ones at



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From: Edward d'Auvergne <edward@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 21 March 2012 16:56
Subject: New Home > Linux > Science > relax (and nmr-relax) screenshots.
To: update-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Would it be possible to update the screenshots for the project relax?
The ones on the relax page are quite out of date.  I have new ones at, or lower resolution ones at, although I can send them if
needed.  Note that relax and nmr-relax are one and the same project
 It's just that Freecode/Freshmeat changed the project name to
nmr-relax and it has recently been changed back.

Thank you,

Edward d'Auvergne

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