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Posted by Andrew Perry on November 03, 2007 - 05:43:
(This was a personal email I sent Edward recently, but he suggested the relax dev's may like to see it since it does raise an important issue to keep in mind for future design decisions)

Not sure if you read the discussion linked via Slashdot about Python 3000, Bruce Eckel vs Guido, here, here and here.

I just discovered something important I never realized (or maybe discovered, then forgot again):

"I know that true concurrency support -- the ability to run pieces of a program on multiple processors -- is hard in a dynamic language. Although they both have threads, neither Python nor Ruby is able to actually allocate those threads to multiple processors. The threading is just for code organization and to handle blocking operations. Ruby and Python are prevented from using multiple cores because they both suffer from the global interpreter lock problem."

This is a good reason to have gone with a master-slave type model with independent processes in relax ... pythons threads apparently wouldn't help on a multi-CPU machine ! Yek !


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