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Update of task #2008 (project admin):

         Approval Status:                    None => Wait Action            
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Follow-up Comment #1:

Please include an (temporary) URL pointing to the source code,  
or attach a tarball to this item.  
The description you gave when registering will not be read by  
the general public. If you are still concerned with privacy,  
however, we can set temporarily this item (the opened task  
dedicated to your project registration) as private.  
We wish to review your source code, even if it is not 
functional, to catch potential legal issues early.      
For example, to release your program properly under the GPL you      
must include a copyright notice and statement permitting copying    
at the beginning of every file of source code.  This is    
explained in <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-howto.html>.  Our   
review would help catch potential omissions such as these.      


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