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Posted by Andrew Chadwick on October 21, 2013 - 19:29:
- this is the workaround for the GDK bug that artificially limits
input events to no more than the frame rate. It's coming along quite
nicely, I think, thanks to some really useful testing from various
keen people (thanks!)

One problem remains: pressure (and tilt) fidelity is lacking. See the
attachment: that's a circular brush, but the staircase effect is very
evident. We have two options for dealing with this:

1. Duplicate GDK's processing of raw Xi2 axis/valuator info in the
guts of the filter; or

2. Linearly interpolate using the translated pressure and tilt info
available to us during processing of the events GDK lets registered
event handlers see.

I'm in favour of option 2 myself, since it's less work, and less state
to maintain in what is a fragile, platform-specific, and hopefully
temporary hack. Would it be sufficient?

Andrew Chadwick

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