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Posted by David Revoy on October 09, 2013 - 11:32:

I was away Mypaint testing since spring ( few weeks after LGM ) , because I experienced more and more problems with master , keeping around during weeks, and it was too hard to follow in production. I decided to build Git-master this morning, and run new test. ( attracted by emails from mailing-list, and a PM poke from José Américo Gobbo  ). 

Here are my observations, painting on Git-master :
... output lines are angular, laggy and not precise. The lines display fast ; but it's like all the coordinate of the stylus were crunched on the way , or were being recorded without sufficient frequencies.

So, I uninstalled, cleaned the folders , and put 1.1 back from Arch package
( 1.1 got also an annoying issue for me in cursor size and offset who got solved in master , I think I'll build a git~master a bit post 1.1 soon for my personal use)
Same sketch on 1.1 to compare :
Smooth lines are back, and very sync to what gesture I have in mind. No angular breaks observed, even drawing speedly.

Maybe it's a local bug... I hope. Because it makes my local experience made of frustration, and make me sad, because I was used to Mypaint Git-master very stable and usable since 2009. I hope it's only a local observation, and it can be solved !

( ArchLinux 64bit / XFCE 4.10 without compositing / i5 2.4Ghz, 4GB ram, Intel HD )


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