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Posted by Gulneck M. on December 09, 2012 - 13:28:
There should be a way to group layers together and apply transformations to whole group. For example, if I draw face in one layer and eyes in other, then moving face should move eyes as well.

Here's branch of mypaint that adds some proof-of-concept functionality. (cloned from


There layers are groupped by name, like folders in filesystem.
(Layer A/B/C is a child of layer A/B which is a child of layer A). I did it this way to preseve compatibilty with vanilla version and because I already used such naming convention.

File for playing around: tests/grouppedLayers.ora

Main thing to notice that if it loads file, layers are groupped together into two groups:Res and Undersketch.  And if you move Res layer, it will move all children layers as well(e.g. "Res/Fill" layer).

Other thing to notice, that you can drag'n'drop layer inside other layer(in this POC you should rename them though manually to contain parent name)

Some questions.

How well ORA supports layer groups? I read in specification that <stack> can contain substack, but does it work in practice with existing software?

What your general thoughts about grouping? Can introduction of group lead to some sort of problems? For example I have no idea about how layer modes work.

So what your general thoughts about layers groups?

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