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Posted by Andrew Chadwick on July 09, 2012 - 00:36:
I've been fiddling with the gtk3 branch in the main git repository
recently. Really good work on it, Jon: the approach makes sense. I
think it's basically functional now on top of PyGI *without*
MYPAINT_ENABLE_GTK3, and the pygtkcompat stuff gives us a really good
basis to move piecemeal towards gi+gtk3 in the usual fashion.

Should we merge into master now, before serious efforts at porting the
code to gtk3, or keep it around and regularly merged to from master
until the bulk of the real gtk3 work is done? If not many features are
going to be landing in master, I think it'd be OK to keep it separate
for mainline stability for a month or two provided that people can
find the time to do some gtk3 porting work and maintain it.

Currently you can help by checking out the "gtk3" branch, building
with "scons enable_gtk3=1" and running python code with the
MYPAINT_ENABLE_GTK3 environment variable set. Works OK for unit tests,
one day maybe even the app itself. Probably we want to fix up the tdw
fully first... it's drawing under gtk3 with mouse and tablet in the
initial state, but still has all sort of breakages.

Andrew Chadwick

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