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Posted by Andrew Chadwick on July 31, 2011 - 15:15:
I've been looking at the transitions between brush blend modes for
painting recently (see the toolbar branch), and also at stategroup's
States (a recent bugfix). Also I'm thinking about how we might
implement some proper on-canvas interaction for the document Frame
(modally, ideally, so you don't paint when manipulating drag handles).
I think many or all of these things are really the same sort of
fundamental concept: a "canvas interaction mode" which controls how
the pen interacts with the canvas. We could break this down into
several such modes, each of which would be mutually exclusive:

* freehand painting (with the current brush blend mode)
* line drawing (x2: with continuation and without; using the current
brush blend mode)
* frame editing (as yet unimplemented ☺)
* colour changing (arguable; may not really be a mode; oneshot if it is)
* pickers (x3: layer, color, context; should be oneshots)
* (arguably) panning, rotation, zooming (x3; all oneshots)
* (arguably) resizing the brush with on-screen feedback (as yet
unimplemented; bug #18423)

That gives us something like 6 to 12 possible different ways of
interacting with the main canvas area. I'd quite like MyPaint to
provide standard-looking tool palettes or toolbars that might
encourage users who use things like Gimp, Photoshop or whatever to
pick it up and give it a try. 12 modes for fiddling with the canvas
might be best expressed this way, both internally and in the UI. What
do you think?

BTW, A "oneshot" mode is one which automatically cancels when its
action is complete, and I guess you'd drop back to the last active
painting mode. Like

Andrew Chadwick

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