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Posted by Laurent GUERBY on November 02, 2011 - 17:23:

We're pleased to announce that a new powerful
POWER7 server made available by IBM (1) and hosted by OSUOSL (2) is now
online in the GCC Compile Farm (3).

"ssh MY_USER_LOGIN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" should work for all farm

As usual please use the GNA tracking system in preference to the mailing
list, use "Support" requests:

The server is an IBM Power 730 Express server configured with 16 POWER7
cores each with 4 hardware threads at 3.55 GHz, 64 GB of RAM and a few
TB of disk. It is running Fedora Core 16 alpha.

Many thanks to IBM and OSUOSL for their support of the GCC Compile Farm




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