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Posted by Marko Lindqvist on July 15, 2012 - 00:23:
On 15 July 2012 01:00, Jacob Nevins <NO-REPLY.INVALID-ADDRESS@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Follow-up Comment #7, patch #3367 (project freeciv):

I've had gui-qt in my trunk builds for a while. Now this is in, I'm getting:

pages.cpp: In member function ‘void fc_client::create_network_page()’:
pages.cpp:172: error: ‘class QLineEdit’ has no member named
pages.cpp:173: error: ‘class QLineEdit’ has no member named

It seems the method 'setPlaceholderText' was introduced in Qt 4.7
<>. I'm on
Ubuntu Linux 10.04, and it seems I have Qt 4.6.2.

My distro is now quite old (it's an LTS, but not the latest LTS), so I don't
feel aggrieved not to be able to build the Qt client, but I guess we need 
configure checks and advertised minimum versions of things.

 As Qt-client is all new client with no existing userbase, it's not a
problem to make Qt requirements higher - those who cannot use it can
use gtk2-, and sdl-clients just as they currently do.

 Anyway, please open new ticket about configure check & documentation
update. I have some network problems currently (seems a bit like
someone else using same IP) and cannot load gna trackers.

 Attached patch works for me in that the updated Qt-check still
success. Can you test if it fails properly for you?

 - ML

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