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Posted by Bernhard Maerz on September 05, 2011 - 19:29:

I've tested the new version V2.3.0 (for Windows XP and for Ubuntu).
With both I've gotten the same bugs.
(For completeness: I'm tested them both in a virtual machine with
virtualbox, but I believe this wasn't the reason.)

1) big bug
when using network (internet metaserver), connecting there to a running
game and then OBSERVING any player.
Then click an ony city to open the dialog.
=>  clicking on "next city" will crash the client!!!
(look at SC1: make mouse-click will crash it - with Win and also
Ubuntu version)

2) "design" bug
look ast SC2 - SC6
I've increased the HEIGHT.
The rectangular frame in top-left is showing completely wrong
(esspeccial seen in SC5).
(Same appearing in Win and Ubuntu version.)

Still very great game!!!



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