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Posted by Quentin Mathé on April 30, 2007 - 20:25:
Here's a quick summary of the chat conf we had two evenings ago...
Participants were Yen-Ju, Jesse, Nicolas and me.

1/ LiveCD release

- Nicolas won't be able to work on Étoilé again until October, due to PhD and work. In the next three weeks, it seems really difficult to him to work on the LiveCD. So I voluntered to take over from him unless somebody else want to do it :-) I will recreate an environment for building the LiveCD from scratch (will now be built on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn LiveCD). To help in this process, Nicolas sent me the current LiveCD scripts. I hope to succeed in two or three weeks.

- Nicolas sent Login Panel and Sketch applications to Yen-Ju who is on the way to make improvements and bug fixes necessary for the LiveCD release. Yen-Ju committed both applications to the repository during the past two days.

- Focus will be put on core elements like System, MenuServer, Azalea, AZDock etc. rather than polished applications for this release. We don't have enough manpower for now and it's better to have a stable foundation to begin with.

- Release planned in next three weeks (a bit behind our initial tight schedule which targeted May 1st)

2/ Sync -stable and -trunk

- Yen-Ju is moving everything we want into -stable by this week (probably during the next week-end). Various new modules like IconKit, Login Panel, Sketch will move to -stable. The stable branch will be used for final LiveCD release 0.2 and probably also for Étoilé release 0.2. Once sync is done, we should have around two weeks reserved for testing and last minutes bug fixes before LiveCD is finally released.

3/ Jabber

- Jabber/StepChat will surely be part of LiveCD release since David is proactively working on GNUstep version (with Jesse's help). David wasn't present at the conference so we discussed Jabber with Jesse. StepChat works on Mac but not yet on GNUstep (though it already compiles and runs). On the day after, we chatted with David who confirmed Jesse assertions :-)

4/ Open Bugs

- Yen-Ju and I debated about bugs remaining to fix in Grr and DictionaryReader. We come to the conclusion both applicatiosn are going to stay in their current state since they already work and we are too many things to do right now. To quote Yen-Ju: "Well, I have to say there is no way for us to fix all bugs before release." :-)

- After that, we dicussed probably the only blocker bug which remains to be fixed. On my machine, Azalea always freeze after an elapsed time which varies between 3 and 10 minutes max of use. Nicolas and I observed the same bug at FOSDEM with first LiveCD version. If anybody encounters this bug too, we would really interested to hear from you :-) Specially since I seem to be the only one experimenting it by now.

5/ Maintainers and Modules Without Official ones

- In the middle of Open Bugs topic, we discussed about the need of new maintainers for modules like Grr, DictionaryReader, Vindaloo, RSSKit, PDFKit, Addresses etc. It becomes more critical with Günther departure. However we have decided it's better to continue development in an informal way at least for this release. We hope the LiveCD could bring new developers that may eventually take over unmaintained modules.

6/ Outerspace

- Yen-Ju will merge Outerspace in -trunk as a temporary solution for file manager. Therefore it will replace GWorkspace on final LiveCD release. Space was phased out because of an unresolved bug in Io. Yen- Ju has also begun to work on a new OpenSpace version based on initial Saso's project. All this work will probably be merged in a single file manager with most of features provided by frameworks.

Thanks to all and sorry for the moving date of this conference initially planned on April 8th.
By the way, next conference is not yet planned.


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