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Posted by Jean-Michel Philippe on March 09, 2012 - 23:10:

The development version 2012-02 is currently being uploaded onto the
dailybuild section [1]. I invite you all to give it a try and hope
you'll enjoy. The list of changes is as follows:

* Deep code refactoring under the skin due to the ARM port.
Configuration tricks have almost all moved from the Live branch to the
Package branch. As a result many new DDL packages have been created and
installing DDL on a computer is now just a matter of installing our
ultimate meta package “doudoulinux-desktop-environment”.

* Lots of new applications and games, the list is so long :), please
refer to the SVN diff log [2]. Opendict has been removed. Kgeography
should also let its place soon in favor to Marble. I plan to remove
Little Wizard and Gvrng too (Guido Von Robots).

* Improved system security: now only DDL activities don't require a
password to be started, instead of all users!

* Fixed Network-manager unable to store Wifi passphrases.

* Music/audio messages can be skipped at bootup and shutdown
(configuration file in /etc).

* Fixed system tools requiring admin password to work, eg. new printer.

* Improved look & feel (window decorations, theme, icons, cursor,
buttons, panel layout, etc.). Position of all buttons on window title
bars have changed to left on LTR languages since many OS'es now do this.

* Size of icons in advanced activities is now computed at boot to occupy
around half the screen area.

* Graphical layout is now adapted to LTR/RTL languages at boot and
session start. This is required for ARM and a future multi-language DVD.

* Added playlists for music and videos online using contents from (browse dirs in Whole DDL).

As you can see a lot of work has been achieved, with 200 changes
recorded on SVN. Although the DDL environment is not 100% polished yet,
it is now very close to the final objective. Note that this development
version will be the latest officially published before the replacement
of the stable release. Only dailybuilds and release candidates will be
built after.



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